Make it happen with Marketing!

You can take advantage of Rich Lochrie’s 29+ years of management consulting for the world’s leading corporations. He has been giving management advice on marketing, aided by advanced quantitative computer software pioneered at Lochrie & Associates. Since communication is such an important part of conveying the marketing message, Rich Lochrie has conducted numerous speaking engagements which have focused on dispensing marketing advice to the best and the brightest.

He began his professional speaking in 1974 by launching the General Electric–Lochrie & Associates Seminar Series on Forecasting and Strategic Marketing Planning. The Seminar Series, which covered 4 days, was geared to discussing the theory and practical side of implementing advanced forecasting techniques and strategic marketing planning. He has spoken to groups, both large and small, at corporations, universities, international symposiums, and at business associations. The common theme has always been on the general topic of...Making it happen through improving your marketing!!!

Rich Lochrie provides tailor–made presentations based upon the composition of the audience. His topics include…

1) Lochrie Marketing Rainmakers
(Usually highlighting 2 to 3 superstars in the marketing arena)

2) Marketing in the Internet Age
(Things you need to know for developing Promotional Web Sites and Transactional Web Stores in order to market your products or services.)

3) Advanced Forecasting for the Constantly Changing Business Landscape
(Econometric Analysis, Box–Jenkins Analysis, and Advanced Econometric Analysis which combines Regression Analysis with Box–Jenkins Residual Analysis)

4) Marketing: 70% of the Success Equation in Business.
(If marketing and innovation are the key functions of a business, learn why marketing is the most important factor in business success.)

5) Charging into the New World with Focus and Motivation
(The tragic events of 9/11/01 have affected each and every person in the USA. Now is the time to step up and be counted in the radically changing environment.)

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